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Explore the history of our military with a large collection of hundreds of years old war relics. Crown Antiques & Collectibles currently houses uniforms, war posters, weapons, supplies, and more for the history enthusiast.

Antiques dating back to the American Civil War are available in our shop. We also have collectibles of the belongings of military personnel to military supplies from World Wars I and II, the Korean War, and Vietnam War.

Stop by and see General George Patton's funeral guest list and other historic military antiques.

If you would like to sell us an item or have it appraised, stop in and ask our experts. We take great care in handling and examining the item to give you an approximation of its value.

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A large selection of military antiques

Items spanning to 100 years

War relics

Do you need an item appraised?

Military relics from unforgettable places in American history

• Supplies and equipment

• Uniforms and badges

• Posters

• Swords and bayonets

Photographs and autographs

Old Guns